Lead was established as the institution that gives every client the opportunity to move forward by partnering with each client, bringing a professional approach to understanding the client’s business and offering the adequate microfinance services

Our Programs

Group Lending Methodology

This program is directed to female-headed households located in disadvantaged areas. This target group has traditionally been found to have less access to credit than any other group.

Magmoaaty is designed to help women on a neighborhood level to start income-generating activities or to expand existing businesses. Loans are extended using the Group Lending Methodology, where individual loans are provided to each member of a group of women.  Each group consists of five women who together guarantee loan repayment. If one member of the group defaults on the loan repayment, the other members are obligated to repay in her stead.

Magmoaaty’s starting loan size reaches 1,500 EGP, with the potential for subsequent larger loans up to a maximum of 5,000 EGP. If clients demonstrate their efficient use of the loans, are able to expand their business and demonstrate its sustainability, they may be eligible for a loan under the Individual Lending Methodology.

Dokani Loan

This program is directed at male and female entrepreneurs who conduct their business from a shop either owned or rented and are engaged in productive, commercial, or service activities and who are in need of small loans to enhance their growth potential.

Women's Individual Loan

Turning our vision into reality Lead developed this tailored program to suit the needs of ambitious female microentrepreneurs who work from home or manage a shop but do not qualify for Dokani.

Home Based Activity Loan

The program loan size starts from as low as 1,500 EGP depending on the client's financial performance and needs up to a maximum of 10,000 EGP.


Success Stories

Adel Abdul Hady

Adel Abdul Hady works in the rosary industry with his wife & children; The art of manufacturing rosary is considered from the arts that need professionalism, skillfulness and accuracy.

Hanaa Fathy

In a small apartment in Dar Al-Salam district Hanaa Fathy a mother of five children works along with her husband Hisham Hussein in Sirma embroidery handicraft, traditionally Sirma is the art of brocading textiles

Fatheya Mostafa

Fatheya Mostafa mother of five struggled with her husband to marry their children. After her husband's illness she began looking for a source of income to help her in her husband’s treatment.  Her daughter in law Dina has been borrowing from Lead since 2008, so she proposed that they work together in her project to improve their income level "I am with Lead since 2008 and I am really comfort dealing with them, so I added my mother in law to my group