Success Stories

Nagah & Hoda

Nagah and Hoda are sisters who live in El-Sharabeya area, they work together in baking bread, crepe and pastries along with their mother who taught them.

At the beginning Nagah used to cook Couscous at her apartment and sell it to her neighbors so she can help her husband in improving their standard of living. Nagah wanted to expand her project and she thought of taking a loan, she heard about Lead from some friends and neighbors. “I wanted to take a loan instead of taking money from anyone else.” Added Nagah

Nagah took her first loan from Magmoaty program in 2012 to start her project with her sister and with the help of their mother. Nagah used her first loan to buy a bigger amount of flour and with her second loan her sister and her bought anoven and other utensils needed for baking bread and crepe. Nagah and Hoda added: “In our last loan, It was the Eid season so we bought large bags of flour and big jars of margarine because this is the season and we get a huge amount of orders.”

With the increase of orders and the tight work area in the house, Nagah and Hoda with their mother decided to rent an apartment in the same building to be their work area. Nagah added: “while I am expanding my project, I feel that I am doing something useful I feel so happy, and a small amount of money I bring to my children instead of asking anyone for it.”

Nagah is also keen to educate her 5 children and seeks to meet their needs. And she says proudly: “I educate my children and my eldest was educated from the tourism and hotel institute.”

Nagah and Hoda dream that they open a shop in their area to sell pastries.