Success Stories

Nadia Ramadan

Nadia Ramadan, or as they call her in her neighborhood Om Ahmed lives in Shobra district for more than 20 years, in the same area where she lives she rents a small shop where she sells vegetables and some grocery products. Since her husband's illness and afterward death she dedicated herself to raise her son and daughter and refused to remarry again. "I use to buy anything so I can increase my income and also to develop my project.” added Nadia.

Nadia began selling vegetables and some clothes through a small stand in the street in order to help her family especially with her husband's illness. Nadia added "I had a small stand, but after the death of my husband I decided to rent a place," 

Through Lead’s loan officer marketing and promotion Nadia heard about Lead and she took her first loan from Shobra Branch in 2009 amounting 2,000 EGP through individual lending program called Dokani. "I used my first loan to buy clothes and vegetables," said Nadia. Due to her development Nadia reached her seventh loan amounting 6,000 EGP and she bought vegetables from a wholesale market and also she bought some groceries to sell, such as rice, pasta, tea, soap and 30 kilo butter. Nadia added: "If the vegetables market is not working well I sell more groceries like rice, eggs,…..”

Nadia said: "Without the loan I wouldn’t be able to do anything, the loan protected me from asking anyone,  I am joyous and relaxed."

Nadia’s dream is to be able to go for Umrah one day