Success Stories

Mohamed Sayed

Mohamed Sayed is a husband and father who learned the art of making brooms from his father who considered it as hobby in his free time, but Mohamed took it as a profession. “I used to watch my father making the broom, he considered it a hobby but I took it as a profession because I loved it.”

In his area “Manial Shiha” Mohamed became very famous and known by his entire neighborhood which made many people from his neighborhood and even those who are traveling come especially to him to buy his products. Mohamed buys Palm leaves and produces the broom with the help of his wife, as he mentioned: “she is my partner and backbone.”

Mohamed wanted to expand and buy large quantities of Palm leaves but he lacked the necessary funding, and during the marketing and promotion of Lead’s products in his area he learned about the loans and decided to take his first loan in 2012 “with my first loan I bought large quantities of palm leaves.” added Mohamed

He continued to take loans from Lead and developed his skills to produce big quantities of brooms “I produce from 10 to 15 brooms per day with different sizes.” Mohamed added.

With the project development Mohamed purchased a land from what he gained, part of it he built a house for his family, and the other part he uses for his project.  He said: “because of the loan and my work I was able to buy a land and build 1 floor and when I had more money I built the 2nd floor so my son can come and live with me.”

Mohamed now is on his 6th loan through Home Based activity Program and he used it to buy big quantities of palm leaves.

He dreams to expand his project and he wishes to perform Hajj.