Success Stories

Fatheya Mostafa

Fatheya Mostafa mother of five struggled with her husband to marry their children. After her husband's illness she began looking for a source of income to help her in her husband’s treatment.  Her daughter in law Dina has been borrowing from Lead since 2008, so she proposed that they work together in her project to improve their income level "I am with Lead since 2008 and I am really comfort dealing with them, so I added my mother in law to my group" Dina added.  
Dina begun with a loan amount of 500 EGP to buy make-up and resell it and with the increase of the loan amount she began sewing quilts and embroidery upon request. She said: "one time, all my work stuff was robbed and without the loan I took from Lead I couldn’t have stood on my feet again. The loan helped me.
Fatheya took her first loan along with Dina in 2012 amounting 1,000 EGP form Lead’s branch in Shobra and they have purchased cloth and embroidery it to make bed sheets and sell it depending on their clients need With the loan development Fatheya reached 2,500 EGP in her fifth loan, Fatheya added "We started buying large amount of cloth and stitching larger number of products.
Due to Fatheya’s bone disease she can’t move a lot, that’s why Dina buys all the cloth and she helps her in stitching and do the embroidery. Fatheya was forced to enter the hospital due to her illness and has disbursed 3,000 EGP from Hemayet Lead insurance program. Fatheya used the insurance money to buy her medicine and also did some needed x-rays. Fatheya said: "I did not believe that I will take any money of the insurance, but Dina is the one who insisted and finalized the needed documents." And Dina added: " a lot of people benefited from this insurance my friend and my mother too”.
Despite Fatheya’s disease, but she dreams she and her daughter in law Dina to grow their project and open a small shop to display their products.