Success Stories

Hanaa Fathy

In a small apartment in Dar Al-Salam district Hanaa Fathy a mother of five children works along with her husband Hisham Hussein in Sirma embroidery handicraft, traditionally Sirma is the art of brocading textiles with silver and gold threads.
Hanaa and her husband enthusiastically explain that Sirma reflects the beauty of Arabic calligraphy art and outstanding Isalmic designs.
Hisham says “I don’t want this art to extinct so I was keen to teach my wife and my children” and Hanaa added “I am very proud that all my children like to help us in Sirma embroidery even the little one, it is not just a family business it is a family passion”
Over time, Hanaa and her husband gained more experience and established a good reputation, they got more orders and requests especially from Khan El-Khalili wholesale clients and Arab countries clients particularly from Arab gulf region therefore they needed more cash capital.
In 2007 Hanaa received her first loan of 300 EGP with 4 women from her neighborhood she used it to purchase more raw materials such as velvet fabric and metal threads.
Hanaa continues to develop and used her subsequent loans to purchase more embroidery tools, different sizes of loans and raw materials of higher quality which increased her family net income helping to cover household expenses and supports her children’s education which she cares about very much.
Hanaa insisted to develop her project; in her 13th loan of 4,000 EGP she bought higher quality raw materials so instead of metal threads she start to use Silver threads.
Hanaa wants to continue with Lead to increase her loan size and expand her family business by reaching different markets all over the world and she dreams to rent a workshop instead of working from home