Success Stories

Adel Abdul Hady

Adel Abdul Hady works in the rosary industry with his wife & children; The art of manufacturing rosary is considered from the arts that need professionalism, skillfulness and accuracy. Adel explained that rosary manufacturing is not just beads in a string as it seen by everyone but it goes through several stages such as piercing, inlaying, carving, emery, polishing and then assembling, and each stage of this has a different machine to become in its final form. He also added “Beads rosary manufacturing passes by several stages and we are working on just one of these stages”.
Adel learned his craft from his sons who in parallel to their studies which Adel was keen to be completed learned this craft from working in other rosary workshops; Adel decided to unite his children and start a family project together, he explained “I started this project to make my children stay around me, and under my supervision,” meanwhile Adel was lacking liquidity that will enable him to complete his project.
Adel heard about Lead from his friend and took his first loan amounting  3,000 EGP from Shobra branch in 2013, with this loan Adel bought some of the equipments required to complete his project. Adel mentioned “when I decided to start this project I needed liquidity and a friend of mine told me about Lead” he also added “Lead supported me to stand on my own feet”
Adel grew with Lead until his current loan reached 9,000 EGP and during this period Adel has developed his project and bought new machines and equipments which led to the increase his family’s income.
Adel is dreaming to manufacture all the stages of the rosary, He said “I want to develop and grow till we can manufacture the rosary from A to Z, we do it sometimes as per request but it takes long time and we cannot do this now”