Success Stories

Adel Abdul Hady

Adel Abdul Hady works in the rosary industry with his wife & children; The art of manufacturing rosary is considered from the arts that need professionalism, skillfulness and accuracy.

Hanaa Fathy

In a small apartment in Dar Al-Salam district Hanaa Fathy a mother of five children works along with her husband Hisham Hussein in Sirma embroidery handicraft, traditionally Sirma is the art of brocading textiles

Nadia Ramadan

Nadia Ramadan, or as they call her in her neighborhood Om Ahmed lives in Shobra district for more than 20 years, in the same area where she lives she rents a small shop where she sells vegetables and some grocery

Fatheya Mostafa

Fatheya Mostafa mother of five struggled with her husband to marry their children. After her husband's illness she began looking for a source of income to help her in her husband’s treatment.  Her daughter in law Dina has been borrowing from Lead since 2008, so she proposed that they work together in her project to improve their income level "I am with Lead since 2008 and I am really comfort dealing with them, so I added my mother in law to my group

Naglaa Ibrahim

Naglaa Ibrahim an ambitious girl who started her career by working in workshops specializing in manufacturing bags in El-Mosky area. To increase her income Naglaa began to sell some products such as clothing to her neighbors and friends.

Nagah & Hoda

Nagah and Hoda are sisters who live in El-Sharabeya area, they work together in baking bread, crepe and pastries along with their mother who taught them.

Mohamed Sayed

Mohamed Sayed is a husband and father who learned the art of making brooms from his father who considered it as hobby in his free time, but Mohamed took it as a profession. “I used to watch my father making the broom, he considered it a hobby but I took it as a profession because I loved it.”