Our Achievements

Our Achievements

Lead is committed to empowering women within our organization across all positions, and to recognizing leadership potential in every individual. We make it a priority to provide opportunities to learn and grow. Currently women hold 29% of all positions within Lead, and 14% of management roles.

Development & Training Achievements

Lead believes that to achieve its vision we need talented and qualified employees.
Accordingly our training team has developed Initial Training for new hires and with the support of Women's World Banking,  Lead developed comprehensive training programs for our employees. These could include technical training in Microinsurance and Lending methedologies or skills development in sales and others. They are aimed at enhancing the operations performance and the customer service. 
Lead focuses on continuous employee development and engagement, and has successfuly offered training to 587 employees.


Key Performance Indicators

Since inception, Lead has achieved exceptional outreach and repayment rates through the Group Lending and Individual Lending Programs.
As of December 2018 Lead Foundation had an outstanding portfolio of 472 million EGP and total of 199,075 active clients, of which 86% are women.
The Group Lending Methodology is entirely directed to women clients, and in the Individual Lending Methodology women represent 54% of the portfolio.
These figures demonstrate Lead's Commitment to its mission of serving the economically active poor in particularly women.


  • Cumulative number of loans
  • Cumulative amount of loans disbursed
  • Cumulative number of clients served
  • 3,106,535
  • 5,882,722,500 EGP
  • 924,795


  • Highlights as of December 2018
    Clients served 924,795
    %women clients 86%
    20 branches + 2 satellites
Active Clients
Outstanding Portfolio
Active Clients
Outstanding Portfolio
IL Female Vs. Male